Commercial 70X15.5X12 Cable Frame Corners

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This batting cage frame is a real winner. the frame's steel arch corners are 2" in diameter and 14 gauge steel. The arch ground sleeves are cemented into the ground and the arches are supported at both ends of the frame to provide excellent stability. The cables are attached and ready for the net to be hung so hanging a batting cage from cables has never been easier. One of the best batting cage kits for sale today.

Everything is included with the Cable Frame Corners except the 10' lengths of steel pipe that you will need to complete the frame.

You can purchase the 10' lengths of 2" EMT at Lowe's, Home Depot or another store that sells EMT.



Frame Corner Parts Consist of:

  • 8 - 3'x2' 14 gauge steel elbows
  • 12 - Eyebolts and nuts
  • 4 - Top 5 feet of the angle supports
  • 4 - 2 ¼" muffler clamps
  • 8 - Arch ground sleeves
  • 4 - Angle support ground sleeves
  • 32 - Self-drilling screws
  • 54 - Carabiners
  • 3 - Long lengths of cable
  • 6 - Turnbuckles
  • 6 - U-bolts
  • 1 - Drill bit (for screws)


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