Baseball has not only been a part of our 41 years of marriage -- it's been a much-loved part of our entire lives since childhood. 

Raised in New Jersey, I was a regular at New York Yankees and New York Giants games as a child. I loved watching Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays. I even remember how Willie would talk to the fans from the outfield and throw souvenirs during practice before the start of a game. Growing up, others were always impressed with how I knew the names of all the players, including the positions they played! 

Baseball is also close to Tom's heart. As a loyal Detroit Tigers fan, he grew up playing baseball -- loving every minute of his time in the game. Tom's baseball expertise and joy for the game made him the perfect candidate to coach our son's little league team. One of our fondest memories is taking our son to a Mickey Mantle signing once to have a ball hit out of Yankee Stadium autographed. We were surprised when Mickey asked about the ball when he noticed it wasn't brand new.

Following along with family tradition, our two grandsons also play baseball. We have even set up a baseball batting cage and other training equipment in our warehouse for the two teams to train. When we noticed that many children were unable to participate in organized baseball due to the high costs involved, we were inspired to help.

We started Baseball Batting over a decade ago in an effort to sell quality baseball equipment at affordable prices. Since then, we have expanded to baseball equipment, pitching machines, and other baseball products -- including manufacturing our own batting cage frames. We offer Commercial Batting Cages For Sale

Our business philosophy is to offer the highest quality products (such as backyard batting cages and batting cages for sale) at the lowest possible prices. We know that our continued success depends on customer satisfaction -- and that happens thanks to the positive experience and quality products we provide. Baseball continues to be our passion, and we are grateful that we are able to share the game with so many!

Lori Manning
Baseball Batting

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