Backyard Baseball Batting Cage Hitting Practice NetToday backyard batting cages are a popular addition for many homeowners. There are a number of different types of batting cages for sale available to choose from, and they all function exactly the same way. The batting cage allows the player concentrate on improving their batting skills instead of wasting time collecting wayward baseballs or softballs throughout the yard and in the neighbors’ yard. When choosing a batting cage, first consider how much room you have available for the batting cage. The size of the batting cage will vary depending on the specific requirements; for example, a batting cage suitable for T-ball would not require as much room as a professional batting cage. If you would like to occasionally use the batting cage with a live pitcher opposed to a pitching machine, you will need some additional length. The common sizes for junior batting cages for sale are 10 to 12 feet tall by 12 to 14 feet wide by 24 to 48 feet long. The residential and commercial sizes are usually 12 feet tall by either 12 or 14 feet wide and 55 or 70 feet long. Most cages will require some additional room for stakes and other hardware. After you have determined what size batting cage you will need and the space you have available, you still have a number of options to choose from. Portable cages can be setup quickly and taken down with little effort. Residential batting cages can be hung on frames that are either standalone or fixed. Generally the standalone cages can be disassembled fairly easily while others are designed to stay in place. Regardless of whether you choose a stand alone batting cage or fixed type, if you live in an area with unfavorable weather such as ice or snow, the net will need to be removed during those seasons. The frames of the standalone cages can be left in place or disassembled depending on the model you choose. If you choose a residential style batting cage and would like to avoid mowing inside the cage you can cover the ground with a quality synthetic baseball or golf turf and fringe turf. When the batting cage is not in use it can become your own personal putting green or you can convert it to your own personal driving range by adding a golf net insert. There are a lot of options available for the homeowner when it comes to installing a backyard a batting cage, but whichever options you choose the backyard batting cage should provide many years of enjoyment. We also offer Commercial Backyard Batting Cages.

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