Portable batting cages have become an increasing popular choice for many teams, schools, sports complexes and homeowners. The portable batting cage has a number of advantages and provides function and convenience far beyond the stationary indoor or outdoor batting cages. The portable cage functions exactly the same way a standard cage does in that it provides a way to control the range of baseballs or softballs and allows the players to spend their time improving their batting skills, opposed to spending the day collecting wayward baseballs or softballs. The main advantage of the portable batting cage is its versatility; portable cages can often be used both indoors as well as outdoors and can easily be moved to another location or disassembled and stored when not in use. The portable cage offers advantages to athletic facilities and schools that have limited space or a limited outdoor practice season. The portable batting cage provides the same advantages in backyards to homeowners. The price of portable batting cages can vary and is influenced by a number of variables including the size of the batting cage, the materials used for the frame, and the quality of the net. The term “portable batting cage” not only refers to batting cages but it is also commonly used to describe a wide range of batting tunnels, baseball backstops and other nets.

  • For school use The portable batting cage can be moved from field to field and indoors during unfavorable weather.
  • For team use Many of the portable batting cages for sale can travel for away game practices and can be easily setup for local weekend practice.
  • For sporting complexes The portable cage is well suited to accommodate the space requirements of most sports facilities along with meeting seasonal demands.
  • For homeowners The portable batting cage is an ideal choice for homeowners! The equipment can be stored during off season so you can reclaim your backyard. When the batting cage is used in conjunction with a high quality turf it eliminates the need for mowing. Many portable cages can be used with an insert to double as your very own backyard driving range and putting green! We also specialize in backyard batting cages for sale and Commercial Batting Cages For Sale!

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