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Every Tanner Tee starts with a hand-rolled FlexTop, assembled in Sarasota, FL since 1993. We make tees for first-time hitters, professional organizations, and everyone in between. Your journey starts with a Tanner Tee.

  • Hand-rolled rubber FlexTop™ allows you to feel the ball not the tee at contact for the most realistic hitting experience during tee work.
  • Baseball/Softball rests high on the FlexTop™ so hitters contact the correct portion of the ball to produce line drives, without ever feeling the tee.
  • Lightweight, easy to disassemble, and packs into any travel bag, the standard base is versatile, durable, and has been a staple for over 20 years.
  • Patented friction technology provides smooth, simple adjustments to cover various training heights.
  • Every Tanner Tee is both a baseball and softball batting tee. Our hand-rolled FlexTop provides a professional hitting experience for every hitter.
  • Extra weight in the base provides rock-solid footing and prevents movement or tipping - even on those inevitable miss hits.

Tanner Tees are with you every step of your baseball journey: the first tee ball practice, your last professional game, or sharing the sport you love with the next generation.

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